January 27, 2021
Installing New iOS Upgrades

How To Backup Jailbreak Apps When Installing New iOS Upgrades

Numerous iOS users that had their device jailbroke are always having second thoughts when it comes to upgrading to a new iOS version. When upgrading to a new iOS jailbreak it means means that you will be forced to reinstall all the Jailbreak applications, reconfigure all the default settings, custom tweaks and every single file needs to restore all the files that you had stored on your iOS device. All these changes and actions need to be performed only by those who own a jailbroken iOS device, as those with stock iOS installed can easily backup all data easily by using the iTunes app. Here you can find instructions on how to backup all the files before upgrading your jailbroken iOS to a new version of Apple’s operating system.

Installing New iOS Upgrades

The ‘how-to’ guide you’ll find below contains instructions that helps you save and preserve all the jailbreak apps and default settings when upgrading to a new iOS edition. Before we can move to the first step you need to know the following:

  • PkgBackup is the app you’ll need to use to save all the jailbreak apps and settings. Please note that PkgBackup isn’t free as it comes at a price of $7.99 but, that’s a small price considering all the features equipped within its interface.
  • A Dropbox account or alternatively you can use SugarSync. Create a basic account as it is free and it should be enough.
  • Your iOS device, obviously.

The PkgBackup app doesn’t use SSH and it is simply using a cloud storage service to backup all the jailbreak app and their settings, springboard settings, preference files, Cydia repositories. Also, it can backup the regular apps data.How to successfully install and configure PKGBackup

Use the instructions below in order to learn how to correctly install and configure the backup applications:

  1. Go to the Cydia store.
  2. Search ‘PkgBackup’ in the BigBoss repository.
  3. Buy it and then install the applications. Please note that you’ll be needing an PayPal or Amazon payment account.
  4. When the installation of PkgBackup is complete go to ‘settings’, then ‘Extensions’ and then PkgBackup.
  5. Now you need to toggle ON the following options: Scan Applications, Scan Packages, Confirm Backup, Confirm Restore and Enter Backup Memo.

Now that we’ve successfully configured Pkgbackup we can move to the next stage of the jailbreak apps tutorial guide:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s springboard and open PkgBackup. It works also on iPad but it comes with no support for retina.
  2. Now, PkgBackup will open and it should start to scan the packages; wait until that completes. It will tell you that you’ve never created a backup of your jailbroken iOS. In case you do not wish to use the cloud-based service for storing the backup by alternatively using the local address book you should click on Yes and all ht settings will be synced with iTunes. However, you should use the cloud based service and click on ‘No’.
  3. Click the gear icon that is located in the upper left hand side of the UI.
  4. The Addressbook is selected as the main backup and you need to change it to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Sugar Sync. Log into your account and after that this service will be selected as the default method to backup your files. This menu allows you to activate routine backups.
  5. Now get back to the main screen and the list with the applications and settings selected for backup will be displayed. Note that PkgBackup will select automatically all the installed Cydia apps, while providing support for selecting to backup the data from stock Apple applications, Cydia sources and preference files along with the SHSH blogs, which will prove to be helpful in case you wish to downgrade your iOS.
  6. Select all the apps and files you wish to backup and then tap the button that says ‘Backup’. Allow it to start the backup and then you’ll be asked to give it a name of your choice. Now the files will be copied and when this process is complete you will be shown a pop-up dialog that tells you ‘Your backup is now on Dropbox!’, that if Dropbox was selected as the default storage-cloud service.
  7. Go to your Dropbox account and the files should be listed there in the folder you’ve created with PkgBackup. Now you are free to start the upgrading process to a new iOS version.

When the updating process is complete you should follow the instructions below and you will learn how to successfully restore all the jailbreak apps and settings on your iOS smartphone:

  1. Open Cydia and go to BigBoss repository.
  2. Find PkgBackup and then install it.
  3. Launch the application and log into your DropBox or SugarSync account.
  4. Now tap ‘View Restore’ on the main interface. PkgBackup will select the latest backup you’ve created but if you wish to use other file then you should click the drive icon to find the one you want to select.
  5. After you’ve selected the backup files you want to use you should click on ‘Do Restore’. PkgBackup opens a confirmation dialog and it will immediately start to re-install all the applications, settings and data back on your iOS device.
  6. When the restoring process is complete, PkgBackup tells you to restart the phone. Do it and when the boot is complete you should notice all the jailbreak apps back on your iPhone’s springboard.

That was the last step you had to take in order to backup and restore all the jailbreak apps, settings and all your iPhone data before upgrading it to a new iOS version. I hope that you did use the PkgBackup application despite the fact it might seem a little bit expensive then other similar program, but you’ve managed to complete the backing up and restoring action in only ten minutes easily by taping only a few times your iOS device.

In case you can’t complete the steps listed above then please post whatever troubles you in the comments field and I will try to guide you and help you backup all the jailbreak applications, default settings along with all the other data you currently have stored on your iOS device.

We strongly advise you to read a full accounting of the Backup Jailbreak Apps When Installing New iOS Upgrades features and operation!

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