January 27, 2021
Connect Smartphones To Big Monitors

How To Connect Smartphones To Big Monitors

The lack of a video output on most cellular phones is embarrassing. This makes the user to display his phone screen on an external monitor in not a proper way. There are some smartphone that have HDMI capability while the iPhone is using a proprietary cable to connect to the dock port. Android phones are using a micro HDMI to a HDMI cable. You must consider the phone you are using when purchasing a cable. Depending on the device, you will be able to mirror the entire screen or only some pictures or videos from specific applications. To establish your device’s details, check with the manufacturer.

Connect Smartphones To Big Monitors

In order to start the process and to connect your phone to a monitor you will need: a phone with HDMI capability, a monitor that has a HDMI input, Apple Digital TV Adapter, a HDMI cable and Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.

To connect your iPhone device to a monitor, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for a port on the bottom edge of your iPhone and connect the Apple Digital TV Adapter to it.
  2. Plug the two ends of the HDMI cable. One end will be plugged to the HDMI port of the adapter and the other, into the television.
  3. Into the input port of the adapter, connect the cable or the AC adapter. The purpose of this step is to avoid the iPhone’s battery drain while it is connected to the monitor but it is not necessary while playing back video.
  4. To complete the process, choose an application that is supporting the HDMI playback and open it.

To connect your Android to a monitor, follow the steps below:

  1. Search on the phone and locate the HDMI output port. It is usually located on the left or on the right side of the device and you must also know that it is smaller than the power/ data port.
  2. The micro HDMI to HDMI cable needs to be connected to the output port of the phone. Make sure to plug the small end of it. The other end of the cable must be connected to the HDMI input of the monitor.
  3. Go to the phone’s menu and enable the HDMI output. There are many methods to enable the HDMI output depending of each manufacturer. It is not built into the Android operating system being an add-on feature. For more detail on how to enable the HDMI output, check your device’s manual.
  4. In order to complete the process, open an application that supports video out on the phone.

You must open a supported application on the phone, on those devices that are supporting HDMI only on certain applications. That way, the monitor remains blank until that moment.

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