January 23, 2021
Run Windows Software Applications On Ubuntu

How To Install And Run Windows Software Applications On Ubuntu Using Wine

Linux is an OS that offers users infinite possibilities since it uses free and open source software to run, but still there are some users who would love to use it to launch Windows executable in Ubuntu and the purpose of this article is to help them do just that with the Wine software which will permit Ubuntu users to run Windows games, applications and other software right from their linux-based desktop. For the moment, Wine is still in its beta phase but the first tests have shown that it is capable of launching and opening the wide majority of Windows software file and by reading this post you will learn how to easily run and open Windows exe on your Ubuntu with Wine software.

Run Windows Software Applications On Ubuntu

Not all Windows executable are supported by Wine, since it is in its testing phase but, you should really give it a try especially if you’re using one of the latest Ubuntu builds. In order to learn what applications will work on Wine, then you will need to search the Wine AppDB which is an application database where you check ratings, tips, comments, tweaks and guides that other users left to help the ones that aren’t that familiar with Wine software. The apps that are platinum rated are the ones that will run flawless and you won’t be required to tweak them. Most applications that can be found in the Wine AppDB contain a complete guide on how to install applications along with some extra info about tweaks and the bugs that some applications might feature. If you want to learn how to use Windows application on Ubuntu by using Wine then you should follow the steps listed in this article.

Wine is  a free and open source program that permits applications that are Windows-based to work on Unix-like OS’ and here you can learn how to properly use it. As you might know, Wine is an abbreviation for ‘Wine is not a Windows emulator’ and that’s the best description for it. In fact, Wine is a Windows API utility that has been designed for Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD and Linux operating systems.

  1. Wine can be installed via Ubuntu Software Center. Choose whatever version you like, beta or stable. Choose whichever one you wish to use, as the beta version will work with newer application but it might contain bugs while the stable edition will work smoothly.
  2. After Wine has successfully installed you are free to download the EXE or MSI programs that you wish to launch on your Ubuntu system. To run it, simply right click it and select ‘Open with Wine Windows Program Loader’.
  3. However, the previous might not work with all applications, which is why you will need to use the terminal to view the errors that are impending you from running the Windows software. So, launch Terminal and enter this command line:
    • wine /path/to/application.exe  – this one is for executable files.
    • wine msiexec /i /path/to/installer.msi – enter this for the Microsoft Installer files.
  4. Now the programs should run and if either one asks you to install it, then install it like you would normally do on Windows computers.
  5. When the installation is complete you should check the applications menu and the desktop for the program’s shortcut launcher.

Wine also features a few extra tools that can be opened by typing ‘Wine’ in the applications menu. ‘Configure Wine’ is the one that allows you to change settings and customize the Windows version you wish for Wine to act as or you can use it to select a different Windows OS for individual programs. Also, you can customize graphics, audio and theme settings.

‘Uninstall Wine Software’ shows the applications you installed and this is the one that you will use to uninstall programs. ‘Winetricks’ is a script that helps you work with tasks and how to install different programs and games.

There are multiple program that will need you to perform some registry tweaks because otherwise these won’t start and all the required info can be found in the WineAppDB and to open the registry files you will need to use the regedit command in terminal and that would be all. I think that this was all the info that I had for you. If you have any other questions use the comments field to post them and I will try to help you run Windows software on your Ubuntu machine with Wine applications.

We strongly advise you to read a full accounting of the How To Install And Run Windows Software Applications On Ubuntu features and operation!

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